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Video, team calendar, notifications, scouting, match feedback, practice plans, and document storage.
WrestlingIQ has you covered.

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What Coaches Are Saying

"With WrestlingIQ I spend about half the time I used to organizing, labeling, and emailing wrestlers when their videos are ready. That’s time I can now use to promote the team, work with wrestlers, and spend recruiting."
Ray Blake
Associate Head Coach, Stanford University
"WrestlingIQ went so well this past season that next year we will be having video review days with the entire team. The wrestlers are taking responsibility for their learning and are engaged with note taking. WrestlingIQ has permanently changed how we approach video review."
Sean Gullikson
Head Coach, Skyline High School, WA

Save Hours Uploading and Organizing Matches

Video manager

Bulk Upload

Upload and organize all your video files at once.

Easy to Find

Videos are linked to wrestlers, opponents, and competitions so you can easily find them later.

Automatic Notifications

Your wrestlers are automatically notified when they have a new match.

Unlock Scouting Knowledge

Scouting video player


WrestlingIQ digitizes your scouting process. No more paper or sync issues.

Centralized Notes

You have encyclopedic scouting knowledge—share it with your wrestlers and staff.

Review Past Notes

All scouting information is recorded into the opponent's profile for quick access later.

Create Practice Plans

Practice plan

Drag and Drop

Quickly create plans from categories tailored to wrestling. We don't scrimmage, we wrestle.

Fast, Collaborative Planning

Make a new plan in minutes with saved drills and activities. Once you're finished with the plan, notify the entire coaching staff with a click.


Take your practice plan with you. Practice plans are printable and easy to read on a tablet or smartphone so you can keep practice moving smoothly.

Team Messaging


Smart Groups

WrestlingIQ maintains a list of wrestlers and parents. When someone graduates or joins the program, message groups stay in sync.

Access Control

Smart groups only allow messages to be created by coaches and admins. This cuts down on message thread pollution that happens when everyone can reply.

Appropriate Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is locked down. Everyone can message coaches, but wrestlers cannot message other wrestlers.

Created by a Wrestler, for Wrestling Teams

After competing at a high level for more than 15 years, I want to help grow the sport of wrestling and contribute to the community. I’m tired of seeing wrestling overlooked and underserved.

WrestlingIQ is a small, independent business that grew out of my love wrestling and my technical background as a software engineer. I think I’ve made something that will save you time and help your team run smoothly. I hope you think so too.

You’re hitting the mats every day doing the real work, let me take some of the load off.

Matt Sencenbaugh

  • Wrestled at Stanford University, 2008 - 2012
  • B.S. Computer Science, 2012
  • 4x state placer, 3x state finalist, 1x state champion from Auburn, WA


  • Club (Founding Team)
  • $50 to $99 / month
  • 1 season of video
  • For full details see here
  • High School
  • $600 / year
  • 1 season of video
  • each additional season of video is $150 / year
  • Unlimited calendar events, practice plans, team documents, scouting notes, and user accounts
  • iOS and Android apps (coming soon)
  • College
  • $1200 / year
  • 1 season of video
  • each additional season of video is $300 / year
  • Unlimited calendar events, practice plans, team documents, scouting notes, and user accounts
  • iOS and Android apps (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge an annual fee, rather than a one-time fee?

WrestlingIQ is delivered online, rather than as downloadable software. As an online business WrestlingIQ pays hosting fees every month to keep the servers online and video ready to go. An annual fee also allows me to continually work on adding new features to WrestlingIQ.

What does 1 season of video mean?

One season means 1 calendar year of video. When it's time to pay your annual fee, you can opt-in to pay a little more to keep your old videos online. I've picked these limits so that you shouldn't have to worry about hitting them. I don't want to nickel and dime you; I want you to get value from uploading your videos to WrestlingIQ.

Why do you limit video to 1 season?

Videos uploaded to WrestlingIQ are first converted into multiple videos for different devices (phone, tablet, computer) and then stored with a leading cloud vendor. WrestlingIQ is then charged every month, regardless of whether or not you watch your videos. Without limiting videos, WrestlingIQ would not be able to make it as a business. The one year limit is intended to keep the cost as low as possible for everyone, while allowing teams who want additional years of videos to pay for that if they want.

But other video platforms give me unlimited videos?

Other video platforms rely on ad revenue to offset the cost of storing videos; I'm not interested in being in that business. WrestlingIQ is a premium offering, no auto-publishing to news platforms, and no ads before your wrestlers can watch their matches.

How much would continually keeping 4 years of video cost me?

Let's use the high school plan as an example. The first season is the base fee of $600. The second season will be $750 (base annual fee + 1 extra season of video). Third season will be $900. Fourth season will be $1050, which is the base fee plus three additional seasons of video. At this point you will always have four years of video available. In the fifth season you will continue to pay $1050, which will give you access to the most recent four seasons of video. In the fifth season, the original season will no longer be viewable.

Do I get charged per user account?

No. WrestlingIQ allows for unlimited coach, parent and wrestler accounts.

Is WrestlingIQ mobile friendly?

WrestlingIQ's website is fully mobile friendly and video is playable on all devices (computers, phones, tablets). iOS and Android apps are also in the works.

Can I get a demo?

Definitely! Email me at

Is there a free trial?

Yes, fill out the form at the top of bottom of this page. The free trial does not end until you've determined that WrestlingIQ is going to work for your team, and you have decided to activate your entire team.

Can I pay by credit card or ACH?

Yes, both credit card and ACH are accepted methods of payment.

What about middle schools?

WrestlingIQ does not yet fully comply with COPPA laws, which are required for users under the age of 13; however I'm actively working on it. If you are a middle school coach please send me an email so I can follow up when WrestlingIQ is ready for you.