Why Choose WrestlingIQ Over SportsEngine?

First of all

A quick nod to the SportsEngine team

They built a great product for youth sports teams and are now owned by NBC sports.

If you're here to understand the difference between WrestlingIQ and SportsEngine, or looking for an alternative for your wrestling team, you're in the right place.

What is the difference between WrestlingIQ and SportsEngine?

Sure, there are features and product differences between the two companies (which are detailed further down this page if you’re interested), but the biggest difference is in our blood—which has been spent in wrestling rooms for decades.

Matt Sencenbaugh, the founder of WrestlingIQ, started wrestling at six and ended his career by wrestling for four years at Stanford University where he studied computer science.

So if you're a wrestling club, know that WrestlingIQ is made for you—not basketball or other sports—to help you grow and manage your club team with software purpose-built for wrestling.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Wrestling Teams Choose WrestlingIQ Over SportsEngine


Pricing that makes sense, instead of trying to capture every spare nickel from your team

Club Teams

With WrestlingIQ you don't have a monthly cost to run your team management software.

WrestlingIQ adds a 2% fee to the parent bill so that you don't have to pay anything out of pocket. All you pay are the card processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30. With performance pricing our incentives are aligned—when you make money, WrestlingIQ makes money—meaning we are incentivized to help your club grow.

Club Team Example

You charge $100 for a camp.

The 2% WrestlingIQ transaction fee is added to the bill for a total of $102.

Parent pays the $102 and $2 is automatically collected by WrestlingIQ.

All you pay is the payment processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents.


Flexible payments to fit any business model

WrestlingIQ makes it easy for you to set up installment plans, recurring membership payments (if you operate like a gym), or traditional up front payments for a camp or wrestling season. Online registration functionality includes customizable registration questions, form e-signing, an easy way to collect USA Wrestling info, and more.

Learn more about online registration

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Website services—optional

DIY website solutions have become a lot more affordable since SportsEngine was founded. Squarespace ($16/month), Cardd ($19/year), or a Wordpress website are great, budget friendly options. Link your registration button to your online registration url WrestlingIQ gives you and you're all set.

For teams that want a website, but do not want to manage it, WrestlingIQ offers custom website design, hosting, and updates for $500 upfront for design + coding, then $49/month after for hosting, domain registration, and updates. Send over an email with any updates to post and we'll get it live in <2 business days.

Examples: Yale St Wrestling Club, The Dam RTC, West Point® Wrestling Club.


Team communication

Wrestling teams need to be able to communicate clearly with their coaches, parents, and wrestlers.

WrestlingIQ provides a real time calendar, and messaging, so you can keep your team in the loop. Powerful automations—such as messaging groups that auto-add members based on rosters—save you from group message madness.

Learn more about messaging

Learn more about the team calendar


Video + Stats

Since WrestlingIQ is only for wrestling, we can offer features like video + stats that SportsEngine is unable—or unwilling—to offer our sport. WrestlingIQ video and stats lets you record a match and take stats at the same time with the iOS app.

After upload, leave notes and feedback for your wrestler to review remotely.

Learn more about video and stats

WrestlingIQ has taken the management of our wrestling club from a several hour a week job to a couple of hours a month. The efficiency in which the program operates for the cost is remarkable. Having the ability to communicate, through messaging, stream registration and payments, as well as get USAW card information and get liability forms signed is convenient and user friendly. WrestlingIQ has been a game changer for our club.

Daniel McCune
Beat the Streets Bay Area
Sunnyvale Wrestling Club
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Sunnyvale Wrestling Club
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