Why Choose WrestlingIQ Over MatBoss?

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A quick nod to the MatBoss team

They've built a great product to help wrestling teams record video and stats.

If you're here to understand the difference between WrestlingIQ and MatBoss, or looking for an alternative for your wrestling team, you're in the right place.

What is the difference between WrestlingIQ and MatBoss?

At WrestlingIQ, we believe that your wrestling team software should provide a variety of tools to effectively run a team, instead of focusing on one particular aspect of coaching.

While that includes video and stats, it also includes things such as team messaging, practice planning, a team calendar, attendance tracking, e-signing documents, and more.

WrestlingIQ Overview

The Top 6 Reasons Why Wrestling Teams Choose WrestlingIQ Over MatBoss


Controlled team messaging

WrestlingIQ messaging is built with control and automation in mind to keep you safe and save you time:

  • You control who can send messages in your messaging groups. Cut down on unneeded, and inappropriate, chatter in your team's group messages.
  • Parents and wrestlers cannot create messaging groups, or directly message other members of the team, outside of the groups coaches create.
  • Using rosters, WrestlingIQ can automatically sync wrestlers—and their parents—to messaging groups when you add or remove them from rosters.
  • Parents, wrestlers, and coaches choose how they want to receive message notifications: with the iOS app, Android app, email, or SMS.

Learn more about messaging in WrestlingIQ


Team calendar

By keeping your calendar and messaging in the same place, your parents and wrestlers don't need yet another app to understand their schedule.

Learn more about the team calendar


Attendance tracking

Need to run a report for your administrator so they know who was at practice last week? With roll call style attendance, or the WrestlingIQ Kiosk, you can easily record who is showing up at practice.

Learn more about attendance tracking


Practice planning

With out-of-building coaches, it can be challenging to keep your staff on the same page. WrestlingIQ provides a drag and drop practice planner your staff can easily review before coming to practice.

Learn more about practice planning


Video + Stats

WrestlingIQ video and stats lets you record a match and take stats at the same time with the iOS app. Unlike MatBoss, you can record on iPhones or iPads, which means you probably do not need to buy a fleet of iPads just for recording.

After upload, leave notes and feedback for your wrestlers to review remotely and record scouting information on opponents.

Learn more about video and stats


Financial health

At the core of every successful team—from youth clubs to high schools/booster clubs to RTCs—is financial stability.

Depending on the type of team you run, WrestlingIQ offers you a suite of payment tools to ensure that financial health. Run fundraisers online, collect payments for registrations, or donations for your nonprofit.

Learn more WrestlingIQ for high school Learn more WrestlingIQ for club teams Learn more WrestlingIQ for college & RTCs

As a one-stop shop for our practice and competition calendars, videos, messaging, fundraisers, booster club payments, and more, WrestlingIQ has proven to be extremely valuable in keeping the 200+ wrestlers, parents, and coaches in our program aligned and moving forward in the same direction.

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