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WrestlingIQ helps wrestling teams at all levels grow, manage, and coach their wrestlers.

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What makes WrestlingIQ different?

Matt Sencenbaugh wrestling Anthony Robles
Photograph by Tony Rotundo

Wrestling has been part of my life since I was a toddler cheering on the junior high team my dad coached. By the end of my career at Stanford in 2012, wrestling had changed my life.

What I didn't fully understand while competing was how much time and effort was put in by everyone around me. Parents and coaches dedicated thousands of hours to help me grow—mentally, physically, and emotionally—which opened the door for a world-class education.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science, but after a decade of working in tech I was disillusioned with startups and the culture surrounding them. There were plenty of companies doing good in the world, and plenty doing evil, but nothing I could personally relate to. Nothing that would impact the next generation in a positive way like wrestling did for me.

While volunteer coaching at a high school, I was quickly reminded me how much impact coaches have on wrestlers.

But that impact comes at a steep time commitment from coaches, owners, and admins of wrestling teams. Plus, coaches have to deal with all sorts of operational challenges to grow, manage, and communicate with their team that add time before their wrestlers ever get onto the mat.

WrestlingIQ was born out of my desire to give wrestling teams technology they can leverage to run an operationally efficient organization. It is not for football, soccer, basketball or any other sport. It is purpose-built for wrestling.

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